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Donate to the Amherst Boys & Girls Club

It’s amazing how far a few dollars will go. That’s why every donation we receive, regardless of the amount, has a real and meaningful impact on our ability to keep the Club going.

EXAMPLE DONATION AMOUNTS and what they could go towards

  • $15 - Art supplies

  • $50 - A Scholarship for one kid

  • $70 - Weekly Afternoon Snacks

  • $100 - New books, Games, and Activities

  • $500 - Work-Study Support for a Year

  • $1,000 - Supports a Safe Place for Our Kids

  • $1,500 - Supports Our Yearly Programming

Whether you choose a one time donation or recurring gift, your support will make a difference for our members. To donate, simply click the Donate button above and you'll be directed through to our PayPal page to complete the transaction. For more information on other ways you can help our kids, Click Here!

And remember, you can support the Club in other ways too, such as donation goods like snacks, and art supplies or by donating your time. Contact us directly to discuss these or any other ideas you may have for lending support to the Amherst Boys & Girls Club.